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For your accordions our standard program offers a wide range of inlays. You may prefer band inlays or complete ones with edgings all around. The inlays are cut 0.8 mm thick and are foil-laminated on the reverse side. You can find the available lengths in our price list. On the purchase of one whole block (about 55 pieces) you will be granted a discount of 10 %.

Several Accordion-Inlays (Photo-Show)

Your exclusive design will be produced exactly to your wishes. You may send us your own individual design, but you may also choose combinations from the wide variety of rosettes (of course the straight parts only) and mosaics in this catalogue to design your individual accordion inlay. We just need the requested dimensions. The minimum purchase is one block with 55 pieces of 0.8 mm thickness.

If you need a sample piece, you can order it by mail.

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