Mosaic Purflings
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We make purflings not only to match the rosette designs but also for all other applications in woodwork. The mosaic purflings shown are 800 mm long with a thickness varying according to your demand (prices depending on thickness as above). Here, too, we offer a discount of 10 % for the whole block.
According to your design mosaic purflings can be ordered in variable lengths and thickness. You may also have your name or initials inserted. The possibilities in materials and sizes are like those of rosettes and purflings.

Herringbone purflings can obtain around a smaller bending radius also than "filet"(without outer grain or with only one outer grain) to be supplied. When inserting then individual grain can be added outside according to desire.


Several Mosaic Purflings (Photo-show)

If you need a sample piece, you can order it by mail.

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